Fellow Nigerians,

The People’s Life Improvement Foundation has decided not to stand at the sidelines to criticize and or pontificate on the myriad problems that now beset us as a country. It is truly astonishing that after several leadership experiments with military and civilian leadership in government and economics, the Nigerian charter of an independent republic turned out to be a disaster. Nigerians are still unable to have the three basic things all mankind long for anywhere in the world : first is Freedom-personally and nationally, second is Peace -personally and nationally, and thirdly Prosperity – personally and nationally.

To achieve these three human aspirations; PLIF is stepping forward boldly with ideas, which there implementation, we are optimistic, and realistic, will provide Nigeria the political and economic climate to achieve the three goals mankind is seeking in any human society. No government previous or present was designed to provide this three human aspirations to Nigerians; rather, the people are being treated like slaves, parents reduced to poverty, their intimidated youths Marshaled into some state sponsored militia cult groups. Wars against rival cults groups becomes a daily routine at the behest of the rulers. These cult groups are unleashing terror, kidnaping, rape, beheading, etc , across the country, to create an air of insecurity and scare good citizens to self exile and others deaf and dumb in fear.

All these antics and ploys are too costly “film acting” by greedy and heartless politicians whose only agenda is to perpetuate themselves in power in order to freely have access to the public treasury for private plunder. They use the militia to subvert the will of the people during the mock selection process. (elections) Unfortunately, the government has never deemed it acceptable and essential, that the people are entitled and as of right to freedom, peace and prosperity. This climate of lawlessness does not present the environment for any credible elections, in any case, until the electoral act is amended the people’s vote will never count.

Respected country men and women,

Our ship of state is far out to sea and is being tossed about in stormy waters of politics, which could have been avoided if we had stayed within sight of our initial moorings. In the last two decades the Nigerian heritage has been subjected to experimental political journey, each traveling en route forbidden pathways into non – constitutional detours. Our consistent disappointments and fading expectations are valuable legacy of warning to all of us, of the imminent dangers ahead.

No day was ever more clouded than the present, we are fast verging into anarchy , and a failed state. What stronger evidence can be given of the want of true statesman leadership than these disorders. We have almost reached the stage of National humiliation. We need selfless patriots. Our problems are not indigenous to any ethnic group or state. This is the time to disclaim the scourge and small-minded politics based on ethnic divide. Let us together find a human compass to stir the directionless ship to a prosperous destination.

“Enlighten the people, generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like spirits at the dawn of day.”

On the people, therefore, of Nigeria, it depends on us whether wise men, or fools, good or bad men, shall govern us. From recent events around the world, especially in the African sub-region have proven that people who are dissatisfied with their governments, defied all intimidations and fear, their steadfastness and resolve forced difficult dictators in Sudan, and Algeria to surrender to the wishes of the people. The recent resignation of the entire cabinet and Prime Minister of Mali for the killing of 100 Malians by herdsmen also reinforces the power of the people. The goal of PLIF is to rekindle our hope, in the save Nigeria democratic project. We must motivate and encourage Nigerians that in unity, they possess the strength to redirect their destiny, using their immortal voting powers to sweep away decades of bad government and formulate a whole new structure of society, based on the principle of the presidential system of government, which was originally based on the “ancient principles” of representative government and human freedom.

Nigeria, though a country composed of fertile soil, detached and distant ethnic territories, but connected- wide spreading country, blessed with several minerals and natural resources. Ironically, the bloody 30 month civil war was unable to tear us apart . It is sad, that the unity and stability of our country is threatened in consequence to lawlessness, bad governance, corruption and insecurity in this 21st century.

Our economy is in depression. Most familiies next meal hangs in a balance. We are one of the countries with the highest level of unemployment and the highest level of illegal immigration in Africa. With little or no industrialization, nearly all the leaders of the country in the federal and states governments are multi-billionaires , many have assumed emperorship! Government is required to operate according to the principles of law, not the whims of men. “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.” The daunting task, of course, is for us to learn about how to take our destiny into our hands , pessimism is never an option , we must be optimistic on the task of shaping our uncertain destiny. We must confess, while a great number of us are busy trading blames: why? And how? others in the world are advancing to build homes in the moon. The present situation ought to give us a sense of urgency to provide a blueprint for an advanced civilization capable of living a great new era.  Our future screen is dark and bleak and may end up in a crematorial holocaust of flame and fury if we choose to be on a standby.

This movement requires sacrifice although not the type Christ made on the cross. It will take our time, energy and resources. For us, who may choose to be part of this new movement, must see this movement not for any particular person, race or people, but a movement of recovery and resetting our country. It must be seen as a voluntary sacrifice, a duty we are to embark on, not grudgingly,  but with all sense of responsibility, we must see ourselves as instruments of God pioneering freedom for a country wandering without direction. Providence has blessed us, but greed has made almost everyone a beggar,  so we need a new sense of understanding to  our constitution honestly, and adapt it to it’s true spirit and recapture the original vision of the constitution; as to lift our nation to the point our citizens are happy and proud of their Nigerian passport abroad. ” The Happiness of the people is the end of Government ” We must regain our footing, re-examine our game plan , and then begin to build a nation, for all to have the basics of freedom, prosperity and peace, which is  fundamental to the progress, happiness, and self-realization of all mankind. It is the least expected of a blessed country like ours, we deserve the best as Nigerians.

We are aware that our politicians have continuously shattered the chains of the constitution and thereby destroying its system of checks and balances, many politicians have usurped or twisted the interpretations to fit their daily wishes. Indeed, we are drifting from frypan to fire, as opportunists, clueless leadership, has held the states and country hostage. As a matter of culture for the ruling class, they negatively use the instruments of office at the expiration of their constitutional terms, hold on to power and the wealth of the nation by using the state apparatus to install their successors to perpetuate their influence in power. Even though over 95% of such installations have been counter-productive, courtesy, the frailty of human nature, this style has deprived the electorates of choosing the best candidates for the office. This is a major threat to all of us, therefore it is imperative for all well-meaning Nigerians to rise up to the occasion and defend the country from total collapse. We are not prophets of doom, but it is obvious, we are moving towards a more fearful and disastrous end.

Our paramount ambition must be for the creation of a free society before it slips from our grasp. It is the basic principle of democracy, that it has to be a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. The corollary to this primary principle is the obvious barb, that this type of democracy never functions well or succeeds, unless we (THE PEOPLE) maintain constant vigilance and thereby develop an intelligent  electorate.

Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. Our master politicians have assumed, the nation is one of their incorporated entities and its people their subjects! This is a time for fears as real fear is approaching too fast . We must all speak to our friends, family, and community to join this “Save Nigeria crusade ” “Though tribe and tongue may differ, in brotherhood we stand”!

“The will of the people is the only legitimate foundation of any government, and to protect its free expression should be our first object.”

To our friends, especially, foreign governments, NGO’s, Democratic organizations, United-Nations, its related agencies etc. We know most of you may be conversant and have fair knowledge of what is wrong with Nigerians inability to elect, or re-elect leadership democratically in a free and fair elections, which is principally as a result of the”phony” electoral law, unfortunately the President of Nigeria bent backwards due to some unpatriotic partisan influence and declined to sign into law the amendment of the electoral act to enable Nigeria hold a proper free and fair elections to elect candidates of their choice and will. Our checks confirm that most of Nigeria’s friends are aware of the facts, but are constrained because they believe it is a sovereign country, and it is the internal affairs of Nigeria, and only Nigerians can solve the problems.This, of course, is true, however, we believe it is beyond Nigeria at this stage, as it’s consequences travel beyond the borders of Nigeria and its economic and social effects globally is history. We humbly solicit your understanding and support, and urge you all to identify with this project shoulder to shoulder, in this our initiative to lead our country out of the brewing calamity, which if not prevented, may also overstretch your economy and social infrastructure which can be very far-reaching in its consequential effects.

Thank you and God bless you all.

Sincerely yours,

Sir Precious Elekima